Team Bios

Editorial Team

Lead Editor - Dr Ian Smith MD, PhD

I am the lead editor of BCR and have a passion for studying the human body using both computational data and real world results. My aim is to simplify early stage research so that it can be understood by the general public and to demystify some of the most fascinating science around health.  

Simbios Project

Dr. Middleton PhD
I am a Sr. Software Engineer working on the SimTK (Simulation Toolkit) for SimBios. Currently I am evaluating the Common Component Architecture (CCA). Focused on biological data modelling and understanding how natural compounds interact with human cells.

Dr Tang PhD
I am a graduate student in Bioengineering. My aim is to use machine learning algorithms in combination with molecular dynamics to detect local patterns and study how natural compounds and supplements engage with the human body and brain.

Dr Weiss - Simbios
I was a Postdoctoral fellow in Michael Levitt's lab at Stanford University. My work focused on computational methods designed to understand the dynamic interactions of the human body.

Miguel Msc.
A PhD student in Bioengineering working in KC Huang's lab. In this lab, we are interested in understanding how cell shape morphology in bacteria is essential for gut health.