Primal Greens vs Enso

When it comes to finding the right green superfood supplement, it can be overwhelming to choose from the vast array of options available in the market. Two popular choices that have gained attention are Primal Greens and Enso. In this section, we will provide a comprehensive comparison of these two products based on our experience, review, test, and rating.

Primal Greens is a green superfood powder made by Primal Harvest. It contains a blend of 25 organic fruits and vegetables, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and adaptogens. The ingredients are sourced from certified organic farms and are free from gluten, soy, and dairy. Primal Greens is designed to support digestive health, energy, and overall wellness.

Enso is also a green superfood powder that claims to provide a blend of organic superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. It contains 26 ingredients, including wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, and beetroot. Enso is marketed as an all-in-one solution to support immune function, energy, and overall health.

In terms of taste, Primal Greens has a mild, slightly sweet flavor that blends well with water or other beverages. Enso has a stronger taste, but is generally a bit nicer and less artificial than Primal. However, both products mix well and dissolve easily in water.

When it comes to the nutritional content, both Primal Greens and Enso offer a good mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Primal Greens contains a bit more in it’s digestive complex of prebiotics, which may be beneficial for those with digestive issues although it does have less probiotics than Enso. Enso, on the other hand, contains more superfoods, which may be ideal for those looking to boost their nutrient intake.

In terms of price, Primal Greens is slightly more expensive than Enso. However, Primal Greens offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, while Enso offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

In conclusion, both Primal Greens and Enso are good green superfood supplements that offer a range of benefits. The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs. For those with digestive issues, Primal Greens may be a better choice, while those looking for a wide range of superfoods and nutritional content will probably be better off with Enso as it’s ultimately the better value and better all round product.

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Testing Primal Greens and Enso

When it comes to health supplements, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. Two popular options on the market are Primal Greens and Enso. In this review, we will be comparing and testing both products to help you make an informed decision.

We tested both Primal Greens and Enso for a period of two weeks, taking the recommended daily dose. During this time, we tracked our energy levels, digestion, and overall well-being.

Primal Greens is a greens powder supplement that contains a blend of organic superfoods and probiotics. It has a refreshing taste and mixes easily with water. We noticed an increase in energy levels and improved digestion while taking Primal Greens.

Enso is a greens powder supplement that contains a blend of organic superfoods, protein, and probiotics. It generally tastes better than Primal Greens, it mixes well, but ever so slightly slower than Primal. We also noticed an increase in energy levels and improved digestion while taking Enso, and the energy and overall mood improvements we significantly better than Primal.

Overall, we give Primal Greens a rating of 3.5 out of 5 and Enso a rating of 4 out of 5. Enso edges out Primal for a few reasons including the good dose of spirulina (one of the better greens powder ingredients), slightly better taste, and far better value proposition.

Both Primal Greens and Enso are great options for those looking to improve their health and well-being. However, Enso is a better option for those who prioritize taste and convenience, while Primal does edge out gut health due to the more substantial prebiotics blend, it loses in all other categories.

Rating and Comparison: Which Product is Better In Terms Of Customer Reviews?

When it comes to choosing between two products, it can be challenging to determine which one is better. In this case, we will be comparing Primal Greens and Enso, two popular health supplements.


Many users have reported positive experiences with both Primal Greens and Enso. Some users have reported increased energy levels, improved digestion, and better overall health. However, individual experiences vary, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Customer Ratings On Third Party Sites

Reviews of Primal Greens are mixed and Enso are generally positive although there are some negative Enso reviews (as you’d expect with any greens powder some people just don’t like the taste). Some users report that Enso is more effective in improving their health, while others prefer Primal Greens for their taste even if the product isn’t as nutritionally complete. Both products have received positive and negative reviews, but Enso edges the win here again.

Lab Testing

Both Primal Greens and Enso have undergone testing to determine their effectiveness and safety. Primal Greens and Enso have both been tested by third-party labs to ensure that it contains the ingredients listed on the label and is free of harmful contaminants.


Based on user reviews and testing, Primal Greens and Enso both receive high ratings. Primal Greens has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with many users reporting positive results. The problem is that a lot of them are clearly fake. With many of them being copy paste reviews and several complaining about the product, but still rating it 5 stars.

Enso has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on third party review site verified reviews, with users praising its taste and convenience and health benefits. It’s also worth noting that most of these look legitimate. It’s not available on Amazon so we can’t compare on there.

Customer Reviews On Their Websites

Based on customer reviews and experiences, both Primal Greens and Enso have received positive feedback. Primal Greens has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on their website, with customers praising its taste and ability to boost energy levels. Enso has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on their website, with customers noting its effectiveness in improving digestion and overall well-being. Unfortunately website reviews aren’t the most accurate as the store owners have control.

Key Differences: Primal Greens vs Enso – Ingredients, Price, and More

When it comes to green superfood powders, Primal Greens and Enso are two popular options on the market. While both products aim to improve overall health and wellness, there are several key differences between the two. Here’s a closer look:

Primal Greens contains a blend of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, such as kale, spinach, spirulina, and ashwagandha. The problem is that it uses more of the cheaper ingredients and a lot of the better ones like spirulina are in such low dosages you won’t get the health benefits.

Enso, on the other hand, includes a mix of organic greens, adaptogens, and enzymes, including spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella, kettle leaf, and digestive enzymes. While both products contain high-quality ingredients, they differ in their specific blends.

Enso’s is a lot better as they focus on the largest ingredients being the best ones and keep them in their correct doses to be effective. For example it has the correct dosing of spirulina and chlorella which as far as greens supplements go are arguably the best two. Offering a fantastic antioxidant as well as immune boosting and cholesterol lowering effects.

Primal Greens contains a wider variety of ingredients, but unfortunately, it opts for cheaper fillers and whilst it may be a little bit better on the prebiotics, and this in no way makes it even close to beating out Enso. Added to which the increased ingredients list can often be a negative for greens powders as it’s not as if you can just stack marginal amounts of different ingredients together and expect them to work as well, as Primal simply doesn’t contain enough of most of it’s ingredients to be effective.

Enso, on the other hand, contains fewer ingredients but focuses on high-quality, organic ingredients and actually getting enough of them in to be within their effective ranges for health benefits. It also opts for the more effective and costly spirulina and chlorella which as far as super greens go are some of the more effective in terms of health benefits.

Primal Greens is priced at $69.95 for a 30-day supply, while Enso costs $59.99 for a 30-day supply. Overall, Enso is slightly more affordable than Primal Greens.

Overall, Primal Greens loses out handily to Enso. Enso beats Primal in taste, overall health, probiotics and it’s only competition is in terms of it’s prebiotic blend, which is ultimately a 50/50 in which one will be best for gut health.

Customer Feedback: What Others are Saying About Primal Greens and Enso

Many customers have shared their experience of using Primal Greens and Enso. Some have reported feeling more energetic and focused, while others have noticed improvements in their digestion and overall well-being.

Several reviews of Primal Greens and Enso have been positive, with customers praising the quality and effectiveness of the products. Some have even compared them to similar supplements on the market and found them to be superior.

Independent testing has also been conducted on Primal Greens and Enso, with results showing that they contain high-quality ingredients and are free from harmful contaminants.

Customers have given Primal Greens and Enso high ratings, with many stating that they would recommend them to others. The products have also received positive ratings from reputable websites and health experts.

When compared to other supplements, Primal Greens and Enso have been found to be competitively priced and offer superior results. Customers have also noted that they appreciate the transparency and honesty of the companies behind these products.


Final Verdict: Our Take on Primal Greens vs Enso – Which One Should You Choose?

After conducting a thorough test and review of Primal Greens and Enso Super Greens, we can confidently say that both products have their own unique benefits. Primal Greens is a a little bit better on the gut health, but Enso wins out in every other category meaning we’ve got a clear winner here.

Thus pick Enso, it’s a much better option out of the two for almost all needs and seeing we mark it as the best value greens powder on the market right now, it was always going to be a difficult battle for Primal Greens.

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