LES Labs Cortisol Health

Cortisol Health is a natural supplement that supports healthy adrenal function, reduces stress levels, and promotes a balanced cortisol response. It contains key ingredients such as phosphatidylserine, ashwagandha root extract, magnesium, and magnolia bark extract.


  • 🌿 Phosphatidylserine: Controls cortisol response to acute stress.
  • 🌿 Ashwagandha Root Extract: An adaptogenic herb that reduces stress and improves mood.
  • 🌿 Magnesium: An essential mineral important for stress response; many people in the US are deficient in magnesium.
  • 🌿 Magnolia Bark Extract: Contains compounds that help reduce stress and cortisol levels.


  • Take one (1) capsule before sleep or as directed by a physician.
  • May be increased to two (2) capsules during periods of elevated stress.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Consult a physician before taking this supplement if undergoing medical treatment.

Unlocking Peace and Calm: Embrace Relaxation with Cortisol Health

In the fast-paced and demanding world we live in, stress has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. The constant pressure and challenges can take a toll on our well-being, affecting our ability to relax and find inner peace. Thankfully, there’s a natural solution that can help us break free from the shackles of stress and embrace a life of tranquility – Cortisol Health by LES Labs.

Understanding Cortisol Health

Cortisol Health is a revolutionary natural dietary supplement designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation. By supporting adrenal function and maintaining healthy cortisol levels, this daily supplement empowers individuals to reclaim their inner calm and leave stress behind. Let’s explore the science behind this powerful formulation.

Harnessing the Power of Nature and Science

Cortisol Health is carefully formulated using a powerful blend of scientifically-backed ingredients that work synergistically to combat stress:

1. Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is a vital phospholipid that has been extensively studied for its ability to control cortisol response to acute stress. By regulating cortisol levels, this compound plays a crucial role in maintaining a balanced stress response, promoting relaxation and emotional well-being.

2. Ashwagandha Root Extract

Ashwagandha, a revered adaptogenic herb, has been used for centuries to combat stress and improve mood. Its potent properties help reduce stress levels, allowing individuals to navigate through challenging situations with ease.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium, an essential mineral often overlooked in our diets, is vital for stress response. Unfortunately, around half of the US population is deficient in magnesium. By incorporating magnesium into Cortisol Health, LES Labs addresses this deficiency and supports a healthy stress response.

4. Magnolia Bark Extract

Magnolia bark extract contains powerful compounds that aid in reducing stress and cortisol levels. By incorporating this extract, Cortisol Health further enhances its ability to help individuals achieve a state of calm and relaxation.

How to Use Cortisol Health

To experience the full benefits of Cortisol Health, take one (1) capsule before sleep or as directed by a physician. During periods of elevated stress, the dosage may be increased to two (2) capsules. Rest assured that this supplement is safe, but it is essential to keep it out of reach of children. If you are undergoing medical treatment, it’s advisable to consult with a physician before adding this supplement to your routine.

Real Stories from Satisfied Customers

Cortisol Health has garnered praise from numerous customers who have experienced its transformative effects firsthand. Many have reported remarkable improvements in their sleep quality, reduced stress levels, and an overall sense of relaxation. For instance, Christa from Oklahoma recently purchased Cortisol Health and witnessed positive changes in her stress management routine.

The Journey to Lasting Peace

Unlike some products that promise quick fixes, Cortisol Health works gradually to create lasting change. While some users may experience results quickly, it’s important to note that individual responses may vary. Some may experience the full benefits within days, while others may require a few weeks to unlock their full potential of relaxation and well-being.

A Supplement for All

Cortisol Health is designed to cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you prefer to take it before bed or during the day, it adapts to your lifestyle. The flexibility of Cortisol Health allows it to work effectively for most individuals, helping them find peace at their own pace.

Safe and Reliable

At LES Labs, the well-being of their customers is of utmost importance. Cortisol Health is a natural supplement with minimal risk of side effects. It is meticulously manufactured in the USA using ingredients sourced from around the world, ensuring quality and safety at every step.

Embrace Relaxation Today

In conclusion, Cortisol Health by LES Labs is the key to unlocking peace and calm in our hectic lives. By supporting adrenal function and maintaining healthy cortisol levels, this natural dietary supplement empowers individuals to overcome stress and embrace relaxation. Harnessing the power of nature and science, Cortisol Health offers a safe and reliable way to achieve lasting tranquility. Take the first step towards a stress-free life today and embrace the journey to inner peace with Cortisol Health.


  • 🕒 How do I take Cortisol Health? Take 1 capsule 30-60 minutes before sleep or 2 capsules during heightened stress, with or without food.
  • 🌞 Can I take Cortisol Health in the morning or during the day? Yes, but it is generally more effective before bedtime.
  • ⏳ How quickly does it work? Most people experience quick results, but it may take a few days or weeks for full benefits.
  • 📅 How long does each bottle last? One bottle lasts 1 to 2 months depending on your dosage.
  • ❓ How long can I take Cortisol Health? You can take it continuously or as needed during periods of elevated stress.
  • ⚠️ Are there any known side effects? It’s a natural supplement, and common side effects are rare, but occasional stomach discomfort may occur.
  • 💊 Can I take this with prescription SSRI’s or MAOI’s? Discuss with your healthcare practitioner if you are being treated for depression or anxiety disorders.
  • 💊 Does this pair well with other supplements? It complements a range of mood and relaxation supplements.
  • ❓ What if Cortisol Health doesn’t work for me? The product is guaranteed by a 60-Day Happy & Healthy Guarantee.

Supplement Facts (Per Serving)

  • 24% (100 mg) Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate/Oxide)
  • 125 mg Ashwagandha Root Extract (min. 2.5% Withanolides)
  • 50 mg Phosphatidylserine (from Sunflower Seed Extract)
  • 50 mg Magnolia Bark Extract (min. 2% Honokiol)
  • 25 mg Rhodiola Root Extract (min. 3% Rosavins and 1% Salidrosides)

Step-by-Step Buying Guide for Cortisol Health by LES Labs

Step 1: Understand the Purpose
Cortisol Health is a natural dietary supplement designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation by supporting adrenal function and maintaining healthy cortisol levels. Before purchasing, it’s essential to recognize that the primary goal of this supplement is to help manage stress and not to treat any medical conditions.

Step 2: Learn About the Ingredients
The supplement contains scientifically-backed ingredients to aid in stress management:

  • Phosphatidylserine: Controls cortisol response to acute stress.
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract: An adaptogenic herb known to reduce stress and improve mood.
  • Magnesium: An essential mineral crucial for stress response, with many individuals experiencing deficiency.
  • Magnolia Bark Extract: Contains compounds to help reduce stress and cortisol levels.

Step 3: Check the Recommended Dosage
The recommended dosage for Cortisol Health is one (1) capsule before sleep, but it can be increased to two (2) capsules during periods of heightened stress. Always follow the dosage instructions provided and consult a physician if you are undergoing medical treatment.

Step 4: Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Read the frequently asked questions section to get a better understanding of how to take the supplement, when to take it, and its potential side effects. This will help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

Step 5: Read Customer Reviews
Take the time to read through customer reviews to gauge the overall satisfaction and effectiveness of Cortisol Health. Real experiences from other users can provide valuable insights into how the supplement might work for you.

Step 6: Consider Subscription & Save Option
If you find Cortisol Health beneficial, you might want to consider subscribing to the supplement to save money and ensure a continuous supply. However, it’s essential to be sure about its effectiveness for you before committing to a subscription.

Step 7: Verify the Supplement Facts
Check the supplement facts to ensure the ingredients align with your dietary preferences and any potential allergens or sensitivities.

Step 8: Understand the 60-Day Guarantee
LES Labs offers a 60-day guarantee on their products, which means you have ample time to try out Cortisol Health risk-free. If you find that it doesn’t work for you, you can avail of their guarantee for a full refund.

Step 9: Make an Informed Decision
After considering all the information provided, decide if Cortisol Health aligns with your stress management needs and preferences. If you have any doubts or concerns, consult with a healthcare practitioner before making your purchase.

Step 10: Place Your Order
Once you’ve made your decision, you can add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout. Ensure that you provide accurate shipping details to receive your order promptly.

By following this step-by-step buying guide, you can confidently purchase Cortisol Health by LES Labs, knowing you’ve made an informed decision to support your stress management and relaxation goals.

Customer Reviews (3622)

  • 😴 Best Sleep Quality Ever: Provides restful and deep sleep, leaving the user feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.
  • 😊 Great!: Helps in controlling stress and improving sleep quality.
  • 😌 Sleeping and Relaxing: Induces a sense of relaxation, leading to better sleep and reduced stress levels.
  • 😴 Immediate Sleep Improvement: Brings about immediate improvement in sleep quality and stress reduction.
  • 😴 More Restful Sleep: Enables the user to experience more restful and rejuvenating sleep.
  • 😃 Great Product!: Helps in stress reduction and maintaining a healthy weight. Individual results may vary.
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  • 🛒 The product is currently unavailable, and the availability date is unknown.
  • 🔍 The supplement contains natural ingredients, including Phosphatidylserin, Magnesium, Ashwagandha, Magnolia, and Rhodiola root extract.
  • ✅ It supports relaxation, stress reduction, and healthy cortisol levels, formulated for all ages.
  • 🏢 LES Labs manufactures its products in the USA using high-quality ingredients from around the world.
  • 💡 The supplement is offered by a small business from Germany, participating in Amazon’s registration and Handmade program.

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