Comparison of Kachava and Huel Meal Replacement Drinks


In the realm of meal replacement drinks, it’s crucial to carefully assess and compare various products to find the one that aligns best with your nutritional needs and taste preferences. Two popular options in this category are Kachava and Huel. In this article, we will delve into a detailed analysis of these meal replacement drinks, addressing questions regarding flavors, differences, and health benefits. The insights shared in this article are based on the review conducted by Merlin, a non-certified nutritionist who provides valuable information through his thorough analysis and personal experiences.

  1. A Fair Comparison: Kachava and Huel

Merlin, known for his objective and cost-conscious fitness product reviews, undertook a comprehensive comparison of Kachava and Huel meal replacement drinks. By focusing on these two products, Merlin aims to provide a balanced assessment and fair evaluation of their respective qualities.

  1. Flavor Comparison: Chocolate and Vanilla Variants

To assess the flavors, Merlin tested both the chocolate and vanilla options of Huel and Kachava. He found that the ingredients in these flavors were similar for both brands, and both products were plant-based. However, further insights into the taste profiles and preferences were not provided.

  1. Nutritional Analysis: Huel Fuel Powder vs. Kachava Chocolate Flavor

When comparing the nutritional compositions, Huel Fuel Powder exhibited higher amounts of fat, carbs, protein, and calories compared to Kachava Chocolate Flavor. However, it’s important to note that Kachava Chocolate Flavor contained more vitamin D but less vitamin C than Huel Fuel Powder. Understanding these variations in nutritional content can help individuals make informed decisions based on their dietary requirements.

  1. Vitamin and Fuel Doses: The Complex Comparison

Comparing the doses of vitamins in meal replacement drinks can be intricate, as different products may emphasize specific vitamins differently. Merlin did not provide specific details regarding the complete range of vitamins in Kachava and Huel. However, he did mention that Kachava offered higher doses of vitamins and fuel, although not across all vitamin categories.

  1. Filling Capacity: Huel vs. Kachava

One aspect Merlin highlighted was the filling capacity of the two products. Due to its higher calorie content, Huel tends to provide a more satiating experience compared to Kachava. While Kachava was considered to have a better taste, additional ingredients may be required to achieve a feeling of fullness.

  1. Sweeteners and Ingredients: Distinct Approaches

Kachava and Huel distinguish themselves through their choice of sweeteners and ingredients. Kachava contains more sugar but utilizes organic sweeteners, digestive enzymes, a superfood blend, and adaptogens. On the other hand, Huel incorporates less sugar but employs the use of sucralose and has a higher calorie count. It is worth noting that both products have a shelf life of approximately one year when unopened.

  1. Entrepreneurial Backgrounds: Kachava and Huel

Merlin sheds light on the different entrepreneurial backgrounds of the creators behind Kachava and Huel. Kachava was developed by Simon Malone, who, after experiencing burnout in corporate life, sought to enhance his own health and well-being. Julian Hearn, a seasoned marketer with a history of successful startups, founded Huel with the goal of creating a company he could be proud of. Additionally, Merlin discusses the price per serving, with Huel being more cost-effective at around 2.45 cents per serving compared to Kachava’s approximately 4.66 cents per serving.


In this comparison of Kachava and Huel meal replacement drinks, we explored their flavors, differences, and health benefits as reviewed by a non-certified nutritionist. While each product offers unique qualities, it is essential to consider individual nutritional needs, taste preferences, and budgetary constraints when choosing between the two. By making an informed decision, individuals can find a meal replacement drink that aligns with their goals for health, convenience, and overall well-being.






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