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We're back, after an extend leave is back in operation. Using Biomedical Computation to review everything from treatment efficacy, genetic markers through to the makeup of plant compounds to find natural treatments through supplements.

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Plant Compounds Fighting Obesity

Are plant compounds and our microbiomes the key to tackling the obesity crisis facing the USA? Has bad marketing ruined a good thing?

Plant Compounds And Fat Loss

Plant Compounds Raise Testosterone?

We delve into the latest research into plant compounds. Could they be the key to the testosterone crisis sweeping the US?

Testosterone Boosting Plants

Are Nootropics The Future?

We learn more about the brain every day, could smart drugs unlock the more of it's potential? Could natural compounds help fight aging?

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The Controversy Surrounding Testosterone Supplements

In recent years, testosterone supplements have emerged as a hot topic, a metaphorical tug of war between advocates touting their benefits and …

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A Scientific Comparison of Nutritional Shakes and Meal Replacements: Analyzing Texture, Macros, and Price

Introduction In the world of meal replacements and nutritional shakes, it's important to carefully evaluate various products to find the ideal …

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Comparison of Kachava and Huel Meal Replacement Drinks

Introduction In the realm of meal replacement drinks, it's crucial to carefully assess and compare various products to find the one that aligns …

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A Four-Month Review of Cachava Meal Replacement Drink: Unveiling Usage Patterns and Flavor Preferences

Introduction In the world of fitness and health, finding the right meal replacement product can be a challenging endeavor. With an abundance of …

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Quantumind Review

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining optimal cognitive function is essential for productivity, focus, and overall well-being. With the …

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Does Fenugreek increase Testosterone?

Fenugreek, a popular culinary and medicinal herb, has been gaining attention in the health and wellness sector. Among its many purported benefits, …

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Stem Cell (Re)Programming: Computing New Recipes

Leveraging big data, modeling, and computational biology to create new protocolsMost scientists seeking to turn back adult cells’ developmental …
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The Eyes Have It: Biomechanical Models Explore Disorders of the Eye

Biomechanical models contribute to a better understanding of both the normal and the diseased eye. Squint, and you can almost  make out that bird …
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Big Data Feeds Understanding of Obesity

Despite extensive efforts, a clear understanding of the obesity epidemic remains elusive. Scientists have implicated specific causal genes (40 to 60 …
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Deep Learning and the Future of Biomedical Image Analysis

Revolutionary technological advances in the areas of autonomous vehicles, speech recognition, cybersecurity, and earthquake prediction all depend on …
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Streamlining Lipids

As computational power grows, researchers can model and simulate larger and larger molecular complexes. To visualize such systems in action, Matthieu…
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Reverse Engineering the Brain

For a century, neuroscientists have dissected, traced, eavesdropped on, and are now compiling a seemingly endless cast of players in the nervous …
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Proteins for Every Occasion

Scientists are now able to design, in principle, almost any protein they want—a feat that was inconceivable just a few years ago. They are …
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Computing For Gut Health

How are mathematics and systems approaches shedding light on gut formation and microbial interaction?By Esther LandhuisleaveThe heart holds a special…
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Is Clinical Genomics Testing Worth It?

Whole-genome testing has now reached the long-anticipated “Despite extensive efforts, a clear understanding of the obesity epidemic remains elusive. Scientists have implicated specific causal genes (40 to 60 percent of obesity is considered heritable); epigenetic effects (environmental changes to genes); and the ...,000 genome” level; and more targeted genetic panels cost even less. But the costs …
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Big Data Feeds Understanding of Obesity

Despite extensive efforts, a clear understanding of the obesity epidemic remains elusive. Scientists have implicated specific causal genes (40 to 60 …
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Network Biology: Converging on Answers To Complex Diseases

Network biology is allowing scientists to convert their cellular parts lists into insights about complex diseases By K Sainani, PhD To …

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Allen Brain Atlas Launched

Three dimensions researchers can now visualize the location and activity of more than 21,000 genes in a normal mouse brain.  The Allen Brain …

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Modelling tumors' diversity

Cancer might spring from a single cell gone awry, but tumors are not monolithic collections of clones. Far from it: They contain many different …

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Visualizing Markov State Models Using MSMExplorer

An unfolded protein can move through thousands of intermediate structures (conformations) before finding its properly folded state. One approach to…

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Why We Swing

In the past, many biomechanical models of gait have omitted the arms. But as such models strive for greater realism, it has become more important …

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SimVascular to Simulate Cardiovascular Flow

On the computer screen, vessels throb realistically with each pump of the heart while the river of blood swirls and pools at curves and …

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