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Upcoming biocomputing conferences

The 6th Annual International Conference on Computational Systems Bioinformatics (CSB2007) coordinated by the Life Sciences Society.

WHAT: This conference is designed for any scientist interested in the interaction of biology and computing who wants to gain fast access to current research results; network with other life scientists; and listen to and meet scientific stars. CSB2007 will continue to be a five-day single track conference featuring 10 half-day tutorials, 30 referred papers plus keynote speakers, 150 posters and five full-day workshops. Special events for the evenings are being planned.
WHEN: August 13-17, 2007 WHERE: University of California, San Diego
MORE INFO: http://lifesciencessociety.org/CSB2007/index07.html



The Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) 2008

WHAT: The Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) 2008 is an international, multidisciplinary conference for the presentation and discussion of current research in the theory and application of computational methods in problems of biological significance. PSB is a forum for the presentation of work in databases, algorithms, interfaces, visualization, modeling, and other computational methods, as applied to biological problems, with emphasis on applications in data-rich areas of molecular biology. Papers and presentations are rigorously peer reviewed and are published    in    an    archival proceedings volume.
WHEN: January 4-8, 2008 WHERE: The Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island of Hawaii
DEADLINES: Call for Papers—July 16, 2007; Poster abstract submissions—Nov. 9, 2007.
MORE INFO: http://psb.stanford.edu/
OF NOTE: This year, Simbios will be holding a special session at PSB: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: from Molecules to Cells to Organisms



Stanford’s Bio-X Symposium: Life in Motion

WHAT: Bio-X, Stanford’s interdisciplinary life sciences initiative, hosts a major symposium each year. This year Bio-X has teamed up with Simbios—Stanford’s National NIH Center for Physics-based Simulation of Biological Structures—to hold a symposium entitled, “Life in Motion”. The goal of this symposium is to educate students and scientists from different disciplines about the exciting uses of simulations driven by the laws of physics and mechanics across a range of scales, from molecules to organisms. The talks will be presented by a series of experts and innovators from around the world. Confirmed speakers are: Sylvia Blemker; Joachim Frank; Robert Full; Jessica Hodgins; John Hutchinson; Roger Kamm; Mimi Koehl; Vijay Pande; Klaus Schulten; Demetri Terzoplulos.
WHEN: October 25, 2007 WHERE: James Clark Center Auditorium, Stanford University
MORE INFO: simtk.org/home/lifeinmotion




This magazine strives to build connections among diverse researchers, all of whose work touches on biomedical computation. Because these highlighted conferences & symposia do the same thing, we are giving them a well-deserved spot in these pages. If you have a favorite conference you’d like to see appear in this magazine, let us know: editor @ biomedicalcomputationreview.org.

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