Fall 2008

The Golden Age of Public Databases: Speeding Biomedical Discovery; PLUS: Simulated Metabolism -- A First Step Toward Simulated Cells

Summer 2008

Mining Biomedical Literature: Using Computers to Extract Knowledge Nuggets; PLUS: Successful Collaborations: Helping Biomedicine and Computation Play Well Together

Spring 2008

On Simulating Growth and Form; PLUS: Assembling The Aging Puzzle: Computation Helps Connect the Pieces

Winter 2007/2008

Life in Motion: Simulation from Particles to People

Fall 2007

Computing the Ravages of Time: Using Algorithms To Tackle Alzheimer's Disease; PLUS: Genetic Variants and Ill Health: Scanning 500,000 SNPs Yields Gene-Disease Connections

Summer 2007

Imaging Collections: How They're Stacking Up; PLUS: Dock This: In Silico Drug Design Feeds Drug Development

Spring 2007

Biocomputation Startups: Where Does Value Lie?; PLUS: Modeling Cancer Biology: How mathematical models are transforming the fight against cancer

Winter 2006/07

Computational Biomechanics: Making Strides Toward Patient Care; PLUS: Biologically Inspired Computation: Algorithms That Mimic Nature’s Tricks

Fall 2006

Bringing Supercomputers to Life (Sciences); PLUS: Microarrays: The Search for Meaning in a Vast Sea of Data

Summer 2006

Human Versus Machine: Biomedical expertise meets computer automation; PLUS: Computational Biology Catches the Flu: Modeling the bug, the host, the world

Spring 2006

Ramping Up to Multiscale: Taking Biomedical Modeling to a New Level; PLUS: The Female Factor: Is the gender gap in computer science carrying over to biomedical computing?

Winter 2005/2006

Three New Building Blocks: Ontologies, cellular and genomic data integration featured at new national centers; PLUS: From Sight To Insight: Visualization tools yield biomedical success stories