Fall 2012

NCBCs Take Stock and Look Forward; PLUS Getting It Right: Better Validation

Summer 2012

Meet the Skeptics: Why Some Doubt Biomedical Models PLUS Tuberculosis Meets Computation

Winter 2011/2012

Big Data Analytics In Biomedical Research ; PLUS: Privacy and Biomedical Research: Building a Trust Infrastructure

Fall 2011

Error! – What Biomedical Computing Can Learn From Its Mistakes; PLUS: Computation at the FDA

Spring 2011

Profiles in Computer Science Courage

Summer 2010

The Epigenome: A New View Into the Book of Life; PLUS: The Physiome: Mission Imperative

Spring 2010

The Cell in 2010: A Modeling Odyssey; PLUS: More Than Fate: Computation Addresses Hot Topics in Stem Cell Research

Winter 2009/2010

Structural Genomics: Exploring the 3D Protein Landscape; PLUS: Clinical Decision Support: Providing Quality Healthcare With Help From A Computer

Fall 2009

Simbios: Bringing Biomedical Simulation to Your Fingertips

Summer 2009

Evolution and HIV: Using Computational Phylogenetics to Close In On a Killer; PLUS: From SNPs to Prescriptions: Can Genes Predict Drug Response?

Spring 2009

Reverse Engineering the Brain; PLUS: Bringing the Fruits of Computation to Bear on Human Health: It’s a Tough Job but the NIH Has to Do It

Winter 2008/2009

NCBC Update: Shedding New Light on Biological Complexity