How data about genes, physical activity, and the environment are yielding insights about obesity

Armed with electronic health records and insurance claim information, data scientists are trying to predict who’s going to become addicted to opioids—and stop them before it’s too late.

Applying deep learning to biomedical images has the potential to enable earlier and more accurate disease detection, allow more precisely tailored treatment plans, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


What Value Could Fractals Add to Biomedical Image Analysis?

Chand T. John, PhD

Could fractals join the collection of mathematical gems that propel biomedical image analysis to new heights?  

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Marcus Woo

Protein design ascends to new heights

The “Learning to Run” Challenge:

Katharine Miller

Engaging Data Scientists in Biomechanics

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A Model for Extracting Literature-based Knowledge

Is Clinical Genomics Testing Worth It?

Katharine Miller

Cost-effectiveness studies yield answers to the complex question of whether clinical genomics testing has value.